Millions of dollars reward can find bug software

“Capture the Flag” (flag wars) is the most-watched annual hackers Conference in Las Vegas race. Both participate in the competition “between black” into other systems. Until you determine the winner: which successful invasion, which side WINS.

Michael Walker is in charge of events, he also participated in the game. In 2013, Walker joined the Defense Advanced research projects Agency (DARPA), and working on an amazing proposition: to teach computers how to play this game.

The program, known as “Cyber Grand Challenge” (network challenge), there are more than 100 teams participating. Each team’s main task is to find the bug. In fact, this is a superficial plan, Walker aims to develop software that can self discovery bug.

This event is open to all, DARPA will give Fund support from the team, team also won the support of these consortia. The hacker contest the championship team will receive a $ 2 million bonus, first runner-up and second runner-up respectively received $ 1 million and $ 750,000.

On unmanned DARPA has held similar competitions, led Sebastian Thrun’s Stanford team for the competition to build the technology later became the core of the Google car. Walker hoped that similar activities also allow security to a higher level:

“Project analysis research other software–software–like the smart car, they have solved a lot of problems in the laboratory, but also lack of practice. ”

But Walker wants to accomplish more difficult than automatically driving. He wants to answer is a basic security problem: a piece of code to fail? The problem is difficult, a vulnerability may be dormant for several years, and then spent several months to modify the code monkey, and bad people are always to exploit these vulnerabilities.

Therefore, the software can automatically discover vulnerabilities if the self-test and retain, repair pathways can be found prior to the attack. The “network challenge” the purpose is to test out the elements required to discover vulnerabilities, especially those we often do not know where vulnerabilities in the software. This could become disruptive revolution in the security field (because we only wait for vulnerabilities appear, will find that).

“People on computer security knowledge is indeed very chaotic, we now worry that users will click on dangerous links, or as synonymous with threat some command and control servers. But we have given up on these aspects of software security, subjective, after all, cannot be controlled, appears to be an unresolved issue. ”

Now, Walker is most concerned about whether the idea into practice. Participants of the project will be subjected to software testing, few teams will be able to get the best DARPA funding.

DARPA will be held next year in which the first game, in which participants are asked to evaluate the security of their own system, and sent using the DARPA Security software. At the end of the year after a game, teams must come up with independent security network created defenses, deploy fixes and mitigation measures, while also monitoring network to assess the rival defense mechanisms. FENDI iPhone 6

Capture the flag battle means both teams will attack each other, also implicitly promote the further upgrading of the software–because we know that a bug somewhere. More importantly, if DARPA plans to man-machine chess battle, humans know how to deal with (in 1997, a computer named “deep blue” computer narrowly defeated the chess master Garry Kasparov, a big event as the 20th century’s most notable). But now the focus of our concern is not who will win, but no one can do that.

System looks a bit annoying: autopilot, the first threshold is sufficiently frustrating: there is no progress of the project can be achieved even if it is one-tenth, so that $ 1 million, only exclaiming’s sake. (Could be ten years later, the autopilot could become the most watched items. ) So, only judging on the present situation of this project can be won, is not science.

Walker also raises questions, “after the prototype into reality, everything according to what kind of development? But no matter what happened, it was a smacking all process. Technology development is like this. ” FENDI iPhone 6

FENDI iPhone 6

What do you think about DARPA’s epic? Welcome and explored small series of Lei feng.

via The Verge

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